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About Us

Black Rock Kennel breeds beautiful strong, healthy dogs with excellent temperament and working skills. We are dedicated to  produce only high standard dogs of this breed. All our dogs are champions that produce future champions. 
My dog story starts in 1978 when I started to drive my parents crazy that I wanted a dog. My first dog was a German Shepherd x Caucasian Ovcharka named Maguachi. He was my 150 pound friend and the reason of my dedication to dogs.
After him I had a long 8 years break from dogs: went to the University, got my Master's degree, got married, had a child, but my life was missing something and that something was a dog.
In 1998 I got involved with different rescue organizations and decided to provide homes to dogs that needed temporary shelter and training until they find their future homes and owners. In 1999 we became owners of an 18-acre property near Guelph, Ontario which made my rescue hobby much easier. We have had Rottweilers, Dobermans, a German Shepherd, a Saint Bernard and a Chow-Chow.
Along the way some dogs found their homes in our house, stayed with us an became part of the family. 
In 2002 I came across my first Black Russian Terrier and since than I fall in love with them. I got my first BRT Gypsie in 2003. 
My focus on breeding became much broader in 2005 when I realized that Gypsie is a beautiful, strong, healthy dog with an excellent temperament and working skills who can improve and produce high standard dogs of this breed.
Our days are always very full but BRT lovers is our chosen lifestyle.