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Breed History

A relatively new breed, the Black Russian Terrier
(BRT) was developed as a guard dog by the Red Army in the USSR.
Work began in 1940’s and the goal was to produce a highly intelligent yet, tough, courageous, versatile military dog that could withstand Russia’s harsh climate and was always willing to work.
In the major ancestry we find the Giant Schnauzer, who was mated with Airedales, Rottweilers and Moscow Water Dogs (Newfoundland X German shepherd X Eastern European shepherd), being the main stem. The Russians in the beginning chose the Giant Schnauzer for their sharp guarding instinct, the Airedale because of their happy disposition, perseverance and staying power.
The Rottweiller for their massive make, shape and courage. The Newfoundland was also introduced to give an all round weather coat combined with restraint and steadiness. Character, temperament and working abilities always being top of the list with breeding. In Total, about 17 breeds were used. The resulting breed was standardized in 1956.
On the 13th May, 1981 the Black RussianTerrier was declared a breed. The first standard was confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. In 1984 the breed was accepted and confirmed by the World Canine Organization - FCI  (The Fédération Cynologique Internationale) in Mexico (Standard N327). This breed was named Black Russian Terrier. In 1996 The Russian Federation of Working Dog-breeders & The Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) adopted a second Standard for the breed more in line to the modern day Black Russian Terrier
The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) accepted BRTs in the Miscellaneous Class in 2002. As of January 10, 2007 the BRT’s are permitted to participate in CKC sanctioned Conformation Shows as a “Listed Breed”.
As of July 1, 2004 the breed was accepted into the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the working group.