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The BRT is an even tempered dog that is lively and alert,  self confident, enduring, courageous, he is wary of strangers and has natural guarding instincts. He is good in the home, seeking the love and interaction of the family unit, especially he is very caring and tender with children and would tolerate nearly everything.
BRT has taken in the best qualities of its ancestors: he has joyful disposition and energy of the Airedale terrier, the strength, courage and endurance of the Rottweiller and Giant Schnauzer, the "Olympic" calm and reserve of Newfoundland. He would defend the owner in danger, not even sparing his own life
The dog would prefer the company of his owner to other dogs.
The BRT behaviour is guided by the principle "Don't touch me (my family), and I'll leave you in peace as well", and his adequate behaviour makes him easy to handle in any situation - he will be calm and obedient in the streets of large city, and when inside, despite his large frame the dog would take relatively little space, will never bother and bug the owner.