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BRT is amazingly trainable. The dog's nervous system type is balanced while the dog is easily excitable and possesses an active defensive reaction.
The BRT would understand the orders right away. However, he may pout like a child and have fun like one too, spreading joy all around him.

The two most important requirements for this breed are Socialization and Training. The Black Russian Terrier is a large, powerful animal. With proper socialization and training, they make wonderful, loving family pets. A fearful, unsocialized BRT is an accident waiting to happen.
The Black Russian terrier has proven to be an excellent working dog and has been assigned to several military tasks, often taking place in harsh climates. These duties included: detecting explosives and mines, accompanying soldiers during border guard duty, transporting supplies and pulling sledges, and locating wounded soldiers.
Basic training is a must for a BRT not only because Blackies are large, strong, and powerful dogs, but also because they are very creative and intelligent. They require daily mental activities combined with physical work. Blackies are very smart, and no challenge is too much for them. If their brains are not preoccupied with training they will find their own tasks and problems to solve, which sometimes could not be exactly what we have in mind.
Therefore, basic training is mandatory, but you do not have to stop there. Back in Russia, BRTs successfully participated in OKD (a trial quality program) and way more sophisticated ZKS programs. By the way, no Working dog in Russia can be bred without the OKD and ZKS tittles. Conformation tittles are necessary, but not sufficient.

Here in Canada, BRTs just started their working careers, but they've already made themselves noticeable and known in such activities as Obedience, Agility, new stuff Rally-O and drafting. Among the considerably small population of BRTs in Canada we already have dogs with CD (Companion Dog) and CDX tittles; Agility tittles with CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), AAC (Agility tracking and amazing their coaches (and owners as well) with their motivation and aptitude.
Association of Canada) and NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council); Rally-O tittles and drafting tittles. We have our youngsters trying themselves in schutzhund and tracking and amazing their coaches (and owners as well) with their motivation and aptitude.